Creating your CV – 5 commandments


Curriculum Vitae is the gateway to the success. It is one of the documents which play an important role while looking out for jobs.

The job market is very competitive, the employers are often overwhelmed by the number of applications received. So what is it that we can create which would attract the employer without scrutinising the daily emails.It’s the curriculum vitae.

Here are some tips to keep your CV awesome so that you get extra brownie points on it apart from being suitable for the job.

  1. Presentation:
    1. Confusing your reader: This is the last thing you would want to do when you are in dire need of a job. Keep your CV consistent enough for the employer to maintain continuity. Some people would have shifted jobs on and off, it is important to keep dates same as the previous CV to prevent giving ambiguous information.
    2. Design: design should always be elegant and little low key. If you decorate your CV more than required, then you may end up creating a wrong impression. The design of your CV should be just apt for the opening.
  2. Having different CVs
    1. Yes, you heard it absolutely right. If you are applying for 10 different jobs, make sure you have those many CVs. The reason behind this is that every CV should feature what relevant work you have done for a particular job position. If you have made only one CV and are planning to go ahead with applying to different jobs with that CV, you may not get shortlisted as you have not made your CV relevant to the job description. So making your CV relevant to the job description each time you are working on a job search is very crucial to get the job.
  3. Style of writing CV
    1. Paying close attention to the language which you are using while working on your CV is necessary
    2. Avoiding action verbs would be good. Instead, you can use actionable bullet points
    3. Do not use pronouns, Adverbs and Adjective to start the bullet.
  4. Do not include hobbies and interest information
    1. Yes, unless you are relatively very new to the market, as in unless you are a fresher, no point in writing about hobbies and interest.
    2. This not only shows that you are very naive but also shows your less understanding of what is expected out of you as a professional.
  5. Employment History
    1. Unless required, it is important to keep the employment history very transparent.
    2. Leaving no gaps in the employment history is the biggest mistake one can make while getting the job.
    3. If there is a gap in the career then it is fine to include it in the job summary, but if the jobs which were undertaken were not in line with the job relevance then there is no need to delete them from the employment history. Leaving gaps not only looks ugly but also questions the integrity.

These are five simple commandments to make a good CV. Working towards getting the best job from the CV is important.

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