Why Quitting Gulf Jobs can be a Bad Idea!

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Changing job is a tough decision, especially when the market full of competition when it comes to finding a new one. This fierce step demands lot many considerations beyond just dissatisfaction of the current salary and thus, doesn’t always spell happiness! We aren’t saying there won’t be other reasons to take this crucial step but let’s take a glance over some important points that can help you weigh if the new overseas recruitment would enchant joy or stress ahead. 


Besides the basic that you get in hand, it is also important to negotiate for additional benefits like Insurance, retirement contribution and matching, paid time off, equity, bonuses and much more that come along your package as a whole. Perks offered by the employer seem to be a huge reason to stick to any current job or new opportunity! Many companies also provide excellent wellness plans or reimbursements for relocation costs.

Working Hours

Though every company adapts the standard protocol of working for nine hours a day, it’s only to mention on papers. Everybody knows the truth in reality. Since there cannot be a revolution in this problem, you can always get things cleared before committing to a job change, especially if it demands travelling in an unfamiliar demographic. Don’t worry; getting an idea by asking your employer about the working hours is normal.

Office Culture & Environment

Being comfortable and feeling safe at work is the most important factor. You will never be able to give your best unless and until the surroundings are friendly and easy to adjust. Good co-workers help you understand the overall staff thus shedding lights on group dynamics and management too. So, it is advisable to not rush onto job vacancies in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait or Bahrain just because they promise international experience!

Growth Opportunities

Let’s paint a better picture by talking about the growth opportunities to the company you are committing without any hesitation. Besides the traditional system of acquiring senior roles, it would be also healthy to enquire about horizontal opportunities. Also, do not only limit such discussions to self-growth but you can openly even talk about the company’s future plans for expansion and growth. This will highlight your potential interest and willingness to be a part of that firm for a long term.

International Experience

Since you are applying for cross-border or gulf jobs, one crucial thing to be kept in mind is securing a valuable international experience. We don’t want you to regret your decisions ever in future. However, approaching professionals of the leading firm assure and ensure that you collect appropriate work experience and can make use of the same to fly higher in life.

Stability, Success & Satisfaction

A bit of research and you will be gifted the three most desired ‘S’! Who doesn’t like to be stable, successful and satisfied with his/her job? Be practical, be logical, be rational before taking the final call. and if for even once you think that you too want these achievements mentioned above, all you have to do is register your resume with the leading professionals, ones found in M.Gheewala Global HR Consultancy!

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