Securing your Way from Interviewee to Employee


Isn’t preparing for an interview easy? Well, of course it is a crucial phase where a candidate has to prove why and how his talent can benefit the organization but it can be extremely relaxing too if one is well prepared. Though top most recruitment agency like M. Gheewala may take your resume at the right place, it completely depends on you how you master the talk and grab the golden opportunity to get into one of the most desirable organizations then!

Here are a few characteristic trails you can follow to stay confident during the ‘so called’ tension phase and secure your entry into the organization:

1. Being Enthusiastic

It is very important to keep a positive attitude when you communicate with the interviewer. Obvious signs of nervousness can make the environment conscious and negative which is just not good to go a long way! If you have too many thoughts gushing into our mind, you might be seen distracted or say, not focused indirectly affecting your image to be the same while work! You also need to maintain a clear crisp presence that gets serious and not act casually over every topic raised by the recruiter.

2. Practicing with Mirror

A majority of times candidates fail to work on essential visual attributes for an interview. Let’s say, the company looks forward for an overall candidate who not just excels in his work or merits but also understands the importance of adjusting his posture, voice and gesture in general. Thus, if you want the interviewer to take serious consideration into your profile, practicing a raw interview in front of the mirror and hone your visual appearance and actions can be the best idea that can leave a fulfilling identity into the interviewer’s mind.

3. Focus on Communication Skills

When the interviewer throws the most common question to describe yourself, develop a sense of interest to keep him/her intact with your profile. This doesn’t mean you fire off only professional answers. You can also play around with your personal details unveiling only the part that addresses a beneficial trait for the interviewer. Working on your answers creatively portrays you as an interesting individual to know more about.

4. Asking Questions

Don’t make the interview session go all alone by the interview. You are there to communicate, i.e. develop healthy talks and not only answer questions asked. In order to make the environment easy going, you can always bring a questioning part from your side asking a handful of questions about the job role and challenges you would face during work. You can start the talk with a question like, what can be the ideal background for this position? and then continue with asking about the challenges that prove helpful to make you the most appealing employee.

5. Smart Checks

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Like being positive throughout the session is important, you also need to keep a note of what you say and especially, what you don’t! Firstly, though money matters the most to live a stable, settled and successful life, simply avoid talking about money or benefits during the interview. You also need to be aware of the fact that you are not already hired by the company and thus mentioning outside career aspirations can put the interviewer in a doubtful situation. Smartly restraining your words on future plans can leave a promising image of yours as someone who looks forward to serve the organization for a long term.

Perfect! Needless to say but you have already cracked the interview and entered the corporate world! However, with your fingers well on all these characteristic trails, one best closure that works miracle is asking for the job which many candidates fail to keep a note of. The simpler this sounds the more appealing to the employer it is.

For, M. Gheewala Global HR Consultants believe, the company is all theirs who shows the desire to work for it!

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