Steps to approach the job search



Job search is always an exciting but a nerve-wracking task. If you are currently unemployed then there are many hopes on this process of job search and where there is hope there is a disappointment too. But ideally, the job search should not be as bad as it is perceived. Getting your requirements in place, planning and executing correctly would release much pressure and make this process an enjoyable one.

Here is a structured approach for your job search.

1.Understand the requirement:

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Half the battle is won when you know what you exactly need.For understanding your requirement ask these questions to yourself:-

  • “What is your ideal job?”
  • “What is your ideal salary package?”
  • “Which is your ideal company? “
  • “What is the preferred location for the job? “
  • “Do yours prefer to be in a fortune 500 company or a small company? “
  • “Which environment do you want to work in? Do you need more structured environment or a casual environment? “

Getting answers to these questions would help you narrow down some options from many others.

2.Planning to apply:

Applying to companies which are your dream companies, is the next step. But this application procedure needs you to dedicate a lot of time, for the preparation of proper curriculum vitae and cover letters for the job. While making the curriculum vitae ready, check out for the job description. Make necessary changes to it. Check out the company’s website for more understanding of how the company works. It is always better to know who is in the management, what projects are going on and if the company is public limited, you can also know what is the annual turnover of the company. Knowing how the company is operating is the best way to decide about your work strategy in the company.  Create your presence on LinkedIn, it is most likely that you will be found on LinkedIn. If possible check out the employees who work in the company if you have an access to their profiles. Going through the projects they are working on you may get a fair idea about what projects are going on in the company.

If you are seeking for jobs abroad, then studying the culture of the country is important too.

3. Execution:

Execution of this project of job search means job application. Every day start your day early, see to that you are always available on the official time for the human resource officials to reach. If you are applying abroad, please be online while it is their day time. Applying for jobs which are well within your aspirations would always give you good results.

A job search can be structured to make it easier. Apart from the physical aspect of job search, psychologically it is a daunting task to apply for various jobs and getting negative replies. Also, it is good to remember that there is only one potential opportunity that you will get for sure. All we can do is to be ready for that opportunity, being mentally prepared for rejection is the best way to go forward.

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