Top 9 Trends of Overseas Recruitment

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For any organization, Human Resource Acquisition is the most important aspect of overall growth. The effective hiring of the right candidate for the right job has got very specialized over the years with Human Resource service providers being most sought after. Staffing Industry today works in a dynamic environment and has seen a transition in the last few years.

Let us look at 9 trends shown by the Staffing Industry.


1 – Matchmaking 

Industry trend emerging is not just matching the right candidate for the right job but increasing the matchmaking between the job role, the capability of the candidate and vice versa looking at a candidate credentials against the role of a job. HR organizations are increasingly looking at quality in the open talent pool with the right matchmaking, which holds many answers to the emerging trend of human resource acquisition.


2 – Outsourcing

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A new trend emerging is outsourcing the job requirement to influential personnel that uses social media to look for effective staffing solutions. In present socio-economic conditions, staffing is increasingly looking at spreading their wings through outsourcing their requirement to overseas consultants.

Social Media Hiring- With over 2 million social media users the Human Resource Companies are looking at social media to fulfil their requirements.Social Media is across continents and gives a comfortable platform to look at new talent from across the Industry and especially overseas.


3 – Adapting to Technology

An important trend emerging is looking at adopting technology to answer Industry requirements. This could be telephonic Interviews to online assessments and asynchronous Interviewing. It is noted that online assessment is not only a new trend but helps in the quality of staff hired.


4 – Analytics

Hiring is being looked more now as strategic partnerships with analytics of resource pool becoming an increased area of focus. Analytics is looked at very keenly as studies have shown most people presently don’t look at analytics and this leads to poor pools of talent.


5 – Experience of the Candidate

Experience still remains an important element in the discretion of choosing the right talent from the International resource pool. Most overseas recruiters are increasingly looking at giving a good candidate experience in their selection process. It is felt that a bad candidate experience may affect the candidate’s decision to refuse the offer.


6 – Online Assessment

Most organizations now have their metrics through online assessments. An online assessment not only streamlines the process it gives you appropriate results for the skills you are looking for. Online assessment is an important development in the recruitment process.


7 – Employer Branding

This is the latest trend among overseas recruiters to brand their job appropriately especially through channels like social media. Branding of a job has taken a marketing outlook to recruitment.


8 – Recruitment through Mobile Phones 

There has been a surge in the number of mobile users and recruiters have learned that nearly 70 % of job seekers search on a mobile device so the trend is to optimize recruitment requirement for mobile devices which is looked as the biggest talent pool of the future.


9 – Passive Job Seekers

 An important development is organizations looking at also targeting passive job seekers apart from their talent.That should give you a good idea of the latest trends in overseas recruitment.


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