Winning the Heart of your Interviewer with Mere Efforts!



The easier it is to register your resume with the leading overseas job consultants in India, tougher it gets to impress the employer! Everybody reading this would agree to the fact that though we are totally confident and well prepared for the interview, we start feeling extremely nervous as soon as we enter the interviewing room of any company. It is quite possible to make silly mistakes here and lose the golden opportunity of getting your dream job.

However, don’t worry; this phase can be easily tackled! All you need to do is follow some advice to ring your interviewer’s chimes and bag the job of your dreams!

Continue reading to find that magical advice.

Do not apply for dozens of jobs

It wouldn’t be less than terrible if you are thinking of applying for too many job openings at once. Be careful while analyzing every opening and apply only for jobs you are truly interested in and feel inclined towards! One good idea is to register your resume with the leading consultants of the industry so that you get fast and guaranteed results. 

Qualify your search with your Qualifications

Do not fall prey to non-deserving or messy job vacancies in Dubai, Saudi Arabia or any other Middle East country just because you aspire to fly abroad for an international career. It is a must to match your job searches with the skills and talent you possess. Do not blindly run behind opportunities. They will be existing later too!

Be reachable & available for the recruiter’s call

The biggest drawback seen in human resource studies is that after applying for the right opening and even clearing the interview successfully, one thing that doesn’t let them reach their dream job is their lack of availability over calls. Do not let a minor issue of availability make you miss out an excellent offer. Thus, once you are done with the interview, keep a track of your phone calls.

Schedule the interview at an appropriate time

Time management is the most important. Nobody likes to entertain work at the end of the day, especially something like taking an interview. So, choose an appropriate time slot for your D-Day! It would recommendable to finish off this task in the first slot since the interviewer too would be fresh and give you good responses.

Carry the basic stationeries

You will be asked to fill an application of your personal and professional details in a majority of the interviews. It is often an obligatory document/form wherein attaching your resume for gulf jobs with it is another must-to-do! Always carry the essential stationeries like a pen (black and blue), sharpened pencil or plain papers for rough work. Also, keep some extra copies of your resume along.

Leave a positive impression

Besides setting a good example of arriving on time, decently dressing-up, being soft-spoken and treating everyone you meet inside the company premises with dignity and respect, you can also follow up with a thank you letter or a phone call. Don’t forget, good manners never go unnoticed! Such a gesture gives the HR an insight of what your general behaviour can be like.  

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