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Recruitment Co. Require for their Petrochemical Project

Recruitment Co. Require for their Petrochemical Project, Saudi Arabia (Oil & Gas / Refinery / Petrochemical)

Current Openings

Job Title Job ID
Maintenance Planner 17/MG006301
Electrical Engineer 17/MG006302
Fixed Equipment Engineer 17/MG006303
Instrument Engineer 17/MG006304
Mill Wright Technician 17/MG006305
Motor Specialist 17/MG006306
Pipe Fitter Technician 17/MG006307
Inspector Inspection Department 17/MG006308
Mechanical Technician 17/MG006309
Sr. Analyst-PSV, CWS, Specialty Maintenance Dept 17/MG006310
Overhauling Technician, Central Workshop, SMD 17/MG006311
Machining Technician-Central Workshop, SMD 17/MG006312
PSV Technician, Central Workshop, SMD 17/MG006313
Mechanical Trainer, Central Workshop, SMD 17/MG006314
PED Process Engineer 17/MG006315
Supervisor Mechanical Chemical Area Maintenance 17/MG006316
Inspection Engineer 17/MG006317
Application Developer 17/MG006318
AED Rotating Equipment Engineer 17/MG006319
Project Engineer 17/MG006320
Maintenance Auditor 17/MG006321
Condition Monitoring Technician 17/MG006322
Chemist (QAD) 17/MG006323
Central Workshop Technician (SMD-CWS) 17/MG006324
Electrical Technician (Workshop-SMD-CWS) 17/MG006325
Instrument Technician (Workshop-SMD-CWS) 17/MG006326
Electrical Technician- SMD 17/MG006327
Mechanical Technician 17/MG006328
Instrument Technician 17/MG006329
Turnaround Planner 17/MG006330
Turnaround Planning Engineer 17/MG006331
Admin Assistant Fertilizers Operation 17/MG006332
Ammonia Engineer Plant 17/MG006333
APM System Analyst 17/MG006334
Electrical Technician 17/MG006335
Rigger II 17/MG006337
Budget and Control Analyst-Finance 17/MG006338
Civil Engineer-Technical Services 17/MG006339
Crane Operator 17/MG006340
Data Analyst 17/MG006341
Electrical Foreman 17/MG006342
Maintenance Engineer-Maintenance 17/MG006343
Routine Planning Engineer-Instrument 17/MG006344
TA Planning Engineer 17/MG006345
Administrator E & PM Coordination 17/MG006346
Fabricator-II 17/MG006347
Inspection Planner 17/MG006348
Instrument Engineer 17/MG006349
Manpower and Contractor Administrator 17/MG006350
Workshop Supervisor 17/MG006351
Master Equipment Planner 17/MG006352
Material Aanalyst 17/MG006353
Material Electrical Engineer 17/MG006354
Material Engineer Instrument 17/MG006355
Material Engineer Mechanical 17/MG006356
Mechanical Foreman 2 EH & DOP 17/MG006357
Mechanical Planning Engineer 17/MG006358
Mechanical Technician Rotating - Millwright 17/MG006359
MOC Analyst 17/MG006360
NDT Inspection Technician 17/MG006361
Planner Routine Planning 17/MG006362
Project Engineer 17/MG006363
RCM Engineer 17/MG006364
RIS Engineer 17/MG006365
Instrument Engineer 17/MG006366
Machinist 17/MG006367
Tool Keeper 17/MG006368
Scheduler Maintenance 17/MG006369
Scheduler Planning-Maintenance Department 17/MG006370
Scheduler, Turnaround-Maintenance Department 17/MG006371
SHEM Audit Scheduler and Analyst 17/MG006372
Stationery Equipment Engineer 17/MG006373
Maintenance Technician-Maintenance Department 17/MG006374
Financial Administrator 17/MG006376
Senior Analyst PSV 17/MG006377
CAM Mechanical Supervisor 17/MG006378
Project Engineer 17/MG006379
Turnround Planning Engineer 17/MG006380
Admin Assistant Finance 17/MG006381
Fabricator-Maintenance 17/MG006382
Material Analyst-Maintenance 17/MG006383
Material Engineer Mechanical-Maintenance Department 17/MG006384
Welder Workshop-Maintenance 17/MG006385
Manpower Administrator 17/MG006386
Scheduler TA 17/MG006387
Mechanical Technician 17/MG006388
Rotating Equipment Engineer 17/MG006389
Technician Mechanical 17/MG006390
Turnaround Planner 17/MG006391
Forklift Operator 17/MG006392
Fire Fighting Equipment Technician 17/MG006393
Lab Technician 17/MG006394