Top 10 Reasons why people fail to find jobs in Dubai:

Top 10 Reasons why people fail to find jobs in Dubai

Top 10 Reasons why people fail to find jobs in Dubai:

There are many roles in Dubai for Indians, yet many fail to induce them. Let’s understand which are the top 10 reasons why people fail to find jobs in Dubai, now you can facilitate yourself forestall the identical from happening to you and may facilitate to prepare yourselves and boost your chances, engaged on these 10 reasons will increase your chances of getting jobs in Dubai.

1. Incomplete CV
The first thing anyone sees is your CV. If your CV has gaps in it, it sends off red flags to
the recruiters. ensure your CV is up to this point and lists everything you’ve accomplished
till the time of application.

2. Punctuality
Submitting your documentation on time or before, and attending the interview on time
can help increase your chances of getting the work greatly.

3. Qualification
Oftentimes, you would possibly be underqualified, or overqualified for the task vacancies in Dubai.
To avoid this it’s important that you just read the wants for the duty posting well.

4. Unprepared
Going for the interviews without knowing anything about the corporate or the position
you are applying for can end badly. Recruiters won’t consider your other qualifications
if you’re unable to answer their questions satisfactorily. Research the corporate and your
job thoroughly before going for the interview

5. Attitude
Attitude is everything. Being too casual or too rude during the interview and through
correspondence can cause you to fail the duty. Striving to seek out that balance between being
too casual and too stiff is difficult, but is often achievable with practice.

6. Didn’t follow directions
Losing your way within the office block during the interview, or providing documents in
the wrong format or just the inaccurate documents show the recruiters that you are simply unable to follow orders. listen to everything that’s said to you, and browse all correspondence thoroughly.

7. Unprofessional Online Presence
The first thing recruiters check is your name in Google. ensure your online presence
is not something that will be considered unprofessional. confirm your online
professional profile is up so far together with your text resume.

8. Unclear Purpose
Being unclear about your future raises warning bells in any recruiter’s mind. Make sure
you are 100% certain of what you wish in your future and supply them with a transparent road
map of your career.

9. Failure to be unique
Because there are such a lot of jobs in Dubai for Indians, many applications. you would like to
make yourself stand out from the remainder. Have a singular idea prepared for the work that may
help the recruiters remember your name.

10. Bad Communication
Being unable to speak properly, either because of language barriers or nerves shows
the recruiters that you simply won’t be able to fit into the corporate atmosphere well. Prevent this
by practicing before a mirror or along with your friends and family.
Keeping these 10 reasons in your mind when next you prepare to use for gulf jobs will help
you avoid the failures of others and supply you with the success you deserve.

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