Top 5 Interview Questions and Answers for Job Changers

top 5 interview questions and answers for job changers

Our tips on Top 5 Interview Questions and Answers for Job Changers. An interview is a crucial process every employee has to go through in order to land up at the desired job. It allows you only a few minutes within which you are expected to prove your worth and grab the job. To help you kick start your interview preparation the top five interview questions are discussed here.

1. What makes you think you are qualified for this position?

This question gives you the best opportunity to plunge into a sales pitch for yourself by projecting your positive qualities.  The interviewer’s intent is to hear from you how you fit into their job role and what you have to offer them.  Highlight your strengths and achievements that align directly with the prerequisites of the job with relevant success stories.  Finally, show your competence by convincing them that you can handle the job with the least or with no hand-holding at all in order to boost your chances of getting hired.

2. Why do you want to change your current job?

Through this question, the interviewer figures out whether you are a problem employee and whether you are there for a short-haul.  Start your answer by highlighting the prospects the interviewing industry holds. Share facts like how the slow organizational growth or “downsizing” is standing as an obstacle in your career. You can also emphasize that you seek a more challenging role with greater responsibilities and use your latent potential. But in no circumstance, you should bad-mouth your current or previous organizations.
In case, you quit your last job due to any major problems then honestly own responsibility and show what you learned from the mistakes.

3. What are your greatest accomplishments?

It is another opportunity allowing you to showcase your skills and abilities in terms of the current role. Mention success stories to show your achievements and convey that you are capable of performing similar tasks even in their organization. Talk about things you feel good about and how they prepared you for the position you are seeking. Even if it is a small accomplishment talk about it passionately for it is important so long as it is related to your current job.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Here the interviewer is indirectly trying to gauge how important is the job for you and, most importantly, whether you are there for the long term. Since you never know the future, try giving a general answer like seeing yourself handling greater responsibilities and growing with the company. Stress on a long-term stint and exude a genuine interest in the company to utilize your talents as well as enrich your experience.

5. Tell me more about our industry?

Before setting out for an interview make a thorough study of the company, its competitors, and its ranking. Memorize every available company statistics, forecast, and projection so that you can answer your interviewer confidently when any question about the company or industry arises. Good research shows how passionate you are about the company along with your commitment level.
Facing an interview, Swissvale finally, boils down to thorough company research and tailor-made answers to fit your situation since there are no canned answers to any question.

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