Top HR Interviews Questions and Answers

top hr interviews questions and answers

In order to crack any interview process, one has to clear the HR round. So we will help you with Top HR Interviews Questions and Answers. Although not difficult it’s a little bit tricky and checks one’s presence of mind. When this stage comes, the first question which comes to mind of every job seeker that what sort of questions can be asked in an HR interview and how to respond to the back. Let’s discuss some common questions asked during the HR round.

Tell me about yourself :

This Panerai replica watch is the most commonly asked question in any HR round and at the same time most tricky one.  You should follow some guidelines while answering such questions.

Tell them by defining how you are most suitable for the position. Try to match your experience and qualification with the position recruiter is looking for. Emphasize those skills which are relevant to the job on offer.

What are your achievements/ strengths :

Describe your achievements in such a way that seems that they are work-related and they shouldn’t seem like these are rehearsed.  Describe your problem-solving skills, leadership and presentation skills, ability to work hard, etc.

Do you have any blind spots :

This question has been designed to screen candidates so one must be very clear while answering such questions? Describe your weaknesses as your strengths and don’t let employers eliminate you.

Why should I hire you?

In this type of question, you have a chance to read the interviewer’s mind and answer that accordingly. One must try to understand the interviewer’s minds and greatest needs and molding answers according to that gives you the advantage over others.

Why did you leave your present job :

This is again a tricky question, but HR Recruiters want straight forward answer to this question? Describe your likings towards your present job on offer. But don’t overdo this as you are about to leave that position.

Where do you want to see yourself after 5 years :

Don’t be too specific while answering such types of questions instead of giving them straightforward answers and make sure that interviewers that you want to make long-term commitments with the organizations and this is the exact position you are looking for.

Are you a team player :

Answer this question with illustrative examples and tries to let employers understand your examples? Be positive while answering questions.

How would you be an asset to our organization :

This is the question where you can win their hearts? Answers should be straight for such types of questions. Describe your strengths and how they can be benefited to your organization.

What salary do you expect :

Do your research before the interview to find out the average salary for someone in that sort of role. For the best chance of getting the salary that you want, aim higher than average and then negotiate.

Do you have any question for me?

Always prepared these types of questions. Don’t ever say no. because it will create a bad impact on the interviewer about you. Ask such types of questions as to when can I join.

Asking these type of questions ensure recruiter that you have enough confidence to speak in front of people and your chances of being selected increases to many folds.

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