Middle East Welcomes

Although there has been slow progress in the job market in the Middle East, yet none want to give up on good talent and manpower resources, only because at a time when they have to retrieve good talent, it becomes extremely difficult. Hence their dependence on good, sound, talented, experienced human resource providers is important. There cannot be ambiguity and in the best interests of the organisation such chances cannot be taken. M Gheewala HR Solutions has had the privilege of being one of the foremost HR Solutions provider each time a situation of “ Middle East Welcomes” has arisen.

Today whether it is Bahrain, Dubai, Iran, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Muscat, Iraq or whoever, the scope seems to be getting enlarged. And M Gheewala becomes an automatic choice for all such manpower solutions every time and anytime a need arises. Similarly for candidates too, who want to hop on to the bandwagon of joining a good organisation in the Middle East. Actually a job there means a life-changing experience. A new chapter in a job seeker’s life. Even the clients can grow, multiply faster and expand quicker, provided the manpower supplied is on time, efficient, and fully integrated with the client’s objectives and vision.

There are several prominent and furiously progressing organisations including foreign ones, which recruit highly dependable and experienced manpower but ones who can deliver. The same eagerness is shown by our candidates who want to go the Gulf become the boon again. With the Gulf all set to became Asia’s largest hub, the demand for jobs is already on the rise and so all deserving candidates should get ready for the most alluring call from the Gulf. Now is the time, get ready, come to us and fly. Similarly the Corporates too are ready for the take and M Gheewala is all set to take up the onus as it has been doing for so many years, to be precise four decades.

Middle East : A golden opportunity

A lot has been said and written about the opportunities in the Middle East. Indeed the land of gold, the Middle East, beckons one and all. The petrol-laden Middle East is on the lookout for the talent and manpower resources all the time.

A highly organised set up, the Middle East conforms to international standards of living . The dirhams and dinars are the big ticket to luxurious living. For all such candidates who are looking at an uncomplicated, simple yet fantastic life, here is a golden opportunity. Come one, come all.

The Middle East has a good sprinkling of foreigners working. And a lot of manpower flows from the subcontinent too and also advanced countries like those from the West. Because of fast and rapid advancement and progress the Middle East is looking at innovation , mechanisation technology at the highest levels and with the spread of industries like Infrastructure , Manufacturing and Production of goods and services, the Middle East stands tall amongst all potential job seekers . Hence ‘a golden opportunity’. M Gheewala HR solutions has been at the forefront of all this. Several generations who have worked in the Middle East, vouch for the fact that it is truly magical working here. The scope for growth of the workforce is immense, as the Middle East itself is on the rise. Where else does one set the combination of oil, desert and water?

Several MNCs have already established offices in the Middle East and the rest are following.

With the overall boom and expansion in the economy of the Middle East , where several trade agreements , tie –ups, pads and sign offs have taken place in various sectors like - Petroleum , Infrastructure., Construction, Manufacturing and others, it’s time to get the ultimate job in the Middle East.