Manpower Consultants for Gulf Jobs

Preferred Manpower Associate

Human assets are priceless as they are the harbingers of peace and progress in society. So it is ‘manpower’ which can actually determine the fate and fortune of any organization. One cannot afford laxity in ‘manpower planning and execution’, as these results will have a direct impact on the organisation success.

Today we are proud to share with you that even after 40 years and with such severe competition prevailing, M Gheewala HR Solutions are the ‘Preferred Manpower Associates’ when it comes to recruitment and placements, especially for the Gulf and the Middle East.

As a professionally managed organisation M Gheewala HR Solutions has been a preferred partner for various big, medium and small corporates and firms, when it boils down to picking the best candidates. We on our account and at our end, ensure our legacy continues. Hence, our staff is highly trained and aided with the latest updates of what’s happening in the international HR recruitment markets. Thus they are exposed to the journals and magazines of the Gulf and the Middle East sectors which carry news about their markets, shift in policies, changes in protocol, visa requirements, and other stipulations. Staff is also updated constantly with the Indian government’s stand on recruitment, policies, changes and proposals, as and when the stipulations are made.

M Gheewala, HR Solutions is also a preferred manpower consultants partner because we use the latest IT systems like Cloud and other systems for uploading resumes and other related documents as well. This keeps the client in the know of things all the time. Clarity for the client is very critical and essential as he takes a call based on what we information we share with him. Once again at our end we really probe the details of the candidates in a fairly exhaustive manner. Our staff is trained to keep a keen eye on smart, honest and intelligent candidates. Only after gruelling sessions at our end is the candidate passed over to the client. How else can we justify the tag of “preferred manpower consultants?”

Multiple Sectors

M Gheewala HR Solutions has had the honour of covering practically all the industries, as per the demands of the market. Clients can come from all corners and hence we are ever prepared. A good, long, detailed and complete data base is maintained. Our integrity, commitment, and reliability has been our highpoint and that’s the reason why we are considered to be “preferred manpower consultants”. Our offices are based out of Mumbai, Pune and other cities. This eases the convenience to a candidate who need not rush to Mumbai. It also helps in tapping, untapped native but qualified talent.

Whether it is marketing, finance, IT, Civil, Infrastructure, HR, Administration, Purchase, Accounts and others, we recruit for all departments. Having so much experience, collective knowledge and network, we recruit for all kinds of industries be it Real Estate, Travel & Tourism, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Oil and Petroleum, Gas and so many more. Our list of clients will conclusively evidence why we are ‘preferred manpower associates’.

In the entire Gulf and Middle East sector, whenever there is demand for a recruitment drive, we have had the benefit of a quick call from the clients.

Sometimes the industries are small, sometimes big and sometimes just mid-sized but we provide for all of our clients irrespective of their size. Also whether it is skilled, semi-skilled or top executive posts, M Gheewala– HR Solutions has an answer to all their needs and requirements. No discrimination is made on any grounds and we encourage all kinds of candidature provided they are educationally or otherwise qualified as per the requirements of the clients.

As the needs of various industries sometimes differ or remain very specific, we cater likewise. Each client is understood based on their industry and expectations and is treated accordingly.

As a bridge between the client and the job M Gheewala HR Solutions perform its duties zealously and ethically.