Jobs in Dubai that don’t require a College Degree

Jobs in Dubai that don’t require a College Degree

Jobs in Dubai that don’t require a College Degree:

There are many well-paying job vacancies in Dubai that do not require a College Degree. These
jobs also help you to improve your technical and communication skills and form the basis of
your career in Dubai. If you are studying, then these jobs can help provide you with the money to
pay for tuition or for your other expenses. There is nothing wrong with providing these services,
and opting to work in one of these amongst the many shows your hard work and perseverance to
future employers.

1.Taxi Driver

One of the easiest jobs to pick up if you know to drive. Not only will this give you
working knowledge about the city streets, but the monthly payments from the Dubai Taxi
The corporation is very good as well. There is however an age restriction, of between 21 to
45 years. A valid visit visa of more than one month and a passport valid for more than six
months is also mandatory.


All a cashier really needs to be able to do is count and understand the basic number
system in English and Arabic, which after a few months of work will be easily picked up.
Focus is one of the requirements for this job profile, and there are many job vacancies in Dubai
in small stores, malls, and fast-food restaurants.


One of the more physically demanding jobs in Dubai is, housekeeping which is highly sought after, not
only by hotel management but even by the rich families of Dubai. Further, many
employers provide benefits for work in Dubai.


Another physically demanding job, requiring a minimum degree of fitness. Further, the
the job requires a clean criminal background and no illegal activity records but pays well
and has benefits.


Everyone needs a plumber, electrician, or maintenance worker. The skills for these jobs
can often be learned on the job apprenticing under another. Many companies also provide
benefits, and as the city grows, so too do its requirements for these services, keeping up
the Dubai vacancy.


If you are a charismatic individual then sales might be a good job for you. Having a good
understanding of market strategy can also help. Being empathetic to your customers’
needs and the ability to satisfy those needs are the only qualifications needed.

7.Delivery Personnel

From Amazon to DTH, all of these require delivery personnel. A driver’s license is once
again required. Aside from delivery companies, many fast-food restaurants also require
delivery personnel.


Good memory is one of the only prerequisites for a waiter, and even that can be waived
off with a pen and notebook. Along with high monthly payments and benefits, people often tip
very well.


Warehouse labor, or construction labor both are lucrative positions that provide good
monthly pay and benefits without requiring technical knowledge.


Attendants at petrol pumps, or hotels don’t require any college degree but do need a 10th
pass certificate. They pay well and have good benefits associated with the job.

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