Developing People on Job

developing people on job

When an organization commences recruitment the first motive it has in mind is the training i.e developing people on the job that is to be provided to the aspiring employees for the continuation of their work in the organization. This training enables them to function according to their job profile and act correspondingly.

Many organizations feel that this training conferred to the employee is the only source of their learning on the job. But very rarely do they realize that the employee tends to learn and grasp quickly and efficiently by the daily work, activities, and experiences they perceive.  And implementing such activities as well as task is easier said than done.

Evolution of an Employee on Job:

Here are some tips for employers for developing people on the job and henceforth, help employees recognize their skills and aid them to grow on the job:-

Blooming Team Relationship-

In order to make the employees learn through experiences, there needs to be a healthy relationship amongst the team members as well as the reporting superior. If an employee is not satisfied by a superior’s decisions and actions he may fail to be influenced by the activities and works assigned by him and therefore this may affect individual development.

Allocation of Competent Work-

If an employee has no experience in a task he should be assigned that task with proper guidance in order to inculcate a habit to take up tough but challenging opportunities. This practice will not only enhance his professional skills but also his emotional quotient.

Instant and Proper Communication-

Allocation of competent work may enhance an employee but the communication gap between a superior and an employee may not be fulfilled just by assignment of work. The superior should make sure that proper feedback, as well as criticism, is conveyed to the employee after task completion so that new lessons may be learned from the mistakes made.

Teaching a method or manner to others-

Often it is assumed that only a senior or head in an organization can instill particular tasks to team members. But for the overall development of employees, there is a necessity to assign such tasks that require them to instruct or guide other employees in the organization that may have joined later. This not only educates the other but also revives the knowledge previously gained by the instructing person.

Conducting Seminars-

An employee should be encouraged to give presentations or conduct seminars in order to gain confidence and experience in handling clients on their own. This will give them market knowledge as well as information about the various demands and queries raised by clients.

Explore their Mistakes-

An organization has to make sure they acknowledge the mistakes of their staff regularly and address them as quickly as possible. They should make a note of the mistakes made by them so that they can notice a pattern if any, and guide them accordingly.

Monetary/ Non-Monetary Impulse-

By availing various incitements on completion of particular training or a task to an employee he may tend to be more work-driven and consistent in learning and growing within the firm omega replica watches

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