Ethical Recruitment

ethical recruitment

In today’s world recruiters plays an important role in bridging the gap between job seekers and employers thus ensuring the continued prosperity of business. But these are useful unless or until any unscrupulous recruiters exploit job seekers by conducting unethical recruitment. Results of unethical recruitment are always annoying and may adversely affect job seekers, employers, recruiters, and migrant workers. We will discuss its effect on all one by one. But before that one must be aware of the ethical recruitment process.

Ethical recruitment:

Ethics are basically the principles or standards that are useful for our day-to-day business activities according to established corporate values. They offer a wide range of organizational integrity, helps in achieving business goals, policies and practices. In the case of recruitment ethical recruitment applies when any organization wishes to attract applicants for vacant positions by taking into account trust, respect, honesty, responsibility & overall pursuits of perfection.

Ethics in the fields of recruiting, selection & staffing depends upon the person involved in the recruitment process. The hiring manager, searcher & recruiter will be three-person involved in the recruitment process.

Now ethical issues while recruiting employees:

There are many issues faced by organizations and recruiters while selecting the right candidate for the right job which is a top-notch priority for any organization.

Employees insecurity:

Streamlining has led to the downsizing of organizations, those employees who feel insecure about their job as a result of this start mistrusting management. Job insecurity can result in stress for the employees which increases the likelihood of mistakes made by employees.

Discriminatory recruitment practices:

These practices may inhibit the success of women or people from minority backgrounds.

To avoid this code of ethics is conducted both for employees and job seekers.

For employees:

  • Employees should treat all job seekers equally.
  • No discrimination should be there on the basis of race , gender,  political views, age, sexual orientation. Employees should not request job seekers to post their photos on resumes.
  • While making hiring decision employers should only rely on job oriented information.

For job seekers:

  • Ensuring resume accuracy
  • Employees should accept and expect employment history verification.
  • In case they want to publish their individual photos they resume personal responsibility in that case.

Affect of unethical recruitment process:

Migrants: Migrants leave their homes due to huge recruitment fees and are forced to take jobs that don’t interest them at all, have their passport and their identity documents confiscated, and are subject to violations of human rights.

Employers:  Employers don’t want to hire people who have been exploited and have brands legal liability. Because of hiring such employees, employers have to face higher turnover rates as workers don’t have the necessary skills and competencies necessary for the job.

Recruiters: Recruiters may face competition from unethical recruiters who damage the reputation of the industry Panerai replica watches.

Recruitment practices: Firms that rely only on referrals of present employees to recruit new employees tend to recruit employees from those racial groups that are already represented in their labor force. So such types of recruitment practices should be avoided in ethical recruitment.

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